JKSSB | Accounts Assistant Subject Wise Full Length Mock Free PDF Also Available

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JKSSB | Accounts Assistant Subject Wise Full Length  Mock Free PDF Also Available

What is a Mock Test? 

Mock tests basically are practice papers that are prepared purely based on the latest exam pattern and syllabus of the respective examination. These are a simulation of actual exams practising which aspirants can gauge their actual potential.

Advantages Of Mock Tests

Here are reasons why mock tests are extremely important for every competitive exam!

  • Get an idea of what to expect on 'D-Day' ...
  • Analyze your preparation and performance. ...
  • Helps you try and test different strategies. ...
  • Helps you to know how to use time efficiently. ...
  • Know your mastery and areas where you fall short.

Examination Preparation Tips πŸ’‘

Preparation for any exam or mastering any skill can be divided in 3 parts-

1. Concepts- Here, you learn all the ideas, concepts and theories related to the subject.

2. Application - Here, you apply your learning to validate it, to master it and see how this can help you in reality.

3. Test- Here you see how efficient, effective and expert you are in using your concepts you have learnt.

You analyse each test and see what went wrong in which area. Your wrong answers may be because of 3 reasons-

1. Silly mistakes- you read the questions wrong or did some calculation mistake or some error in the formula.

2 You attempted with wrong understanding of the concept and applied wrong concept.

3. You did guess work without any logic.

You get to know about your mistakes in analysis and work on it accordingly. So this is how you strengthen or polish your exam preparation with the help of mock test.


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